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Consumption-based energy supplement from Clever comes into force on 1 January 2023 – here is what you need to know:

Due to rising electricity prices, Clever is changing the current energy supplement on their subscriptions with effect from 1 January 2023.

From the new year, the energy supplement will therefore be replaced by a variable and consumption-based supplement, which follows the average electricity price and the driver's monthly kWh consumption. Not sure what the changes mean? Here is what you need to know as an employer:


How to understand the the variable energy supplement

For companies that have chosen a Clever Complete or Clever Complete Network solution, there will still be a basic subscription. However, the difference is the energy supplement.


Basic subscription prices

In addition to the variable energy supplement, Clever's monthly subscription price consists of a basic subscription that is valid until 31 March 2023:

  • Basic subscription for EVs: DKK 639. New price per 1 April 2023: DKK 639
  • Basic subscription for PHEVs: DKK 335. New price per 1 April 2023: DKK 359


Variable energy supplement

The variable energy supplement is calculated based on an average consumption of 500 kWh/month for electric cars and 250 kWh/month for plug-in hybrid vehicles. In addition, the supplement is calculated on the basis of a monthly electricity price that exceeds DKK 1.80/kWh excl. VAT.

Therefore, the overall calculation for the energy supplement looks like this:

Variable energy supplement: Electric car
500 kWh x (electricity price - DKK 1.80/kWh) = energy supplement
Variable energy supplement: Plug-in hybrid car
250 kWh x (electricity price - DKK 1.80/kWh) = energy supplement

A monthly advance amount of DKK 1,000 for an electric car and DKK 500 for a plug-in hybrid car will be invoiced, as the energy supplement is calculated based on an expectation of an electricity price of DKK 3.80/kWh excl. VAT.

This means that an energy supplement must be paid if the electricity price exceeds DKK 1.80/kWh excl. VAT. On the other hand, if there is a month in which the electricity price is below DKK 1.80/kWh, excl. VAT then there is no energy supplement for that month.

The basic subscription therefore only covers up to DKK 1.80/kWh excl. VAT. Hereafter, companies will be invoiced according to consumption on account.
Read more about the energy supplement at Clever (*In Danish)


What do you have to pay as an employer?

The examples below can give an indication of what you can expect the new subscription prices to cost for an electric car:

EV example If the electricity price is DKK 3.20/kWh If the electricity price is DKK 4.80/kWh
Subscription DKK 639 DKK 639
Advance payment supplement per month DKK 1,000 DKK 1,000
Actual supplement per month
500 kWh x (electricity price - DKK 1.80/kWh)
DKK 700 DKK 1,500
Adjustment per month DKK -300 DKK 500
Total price per month DKK 1,339 KK 2,139

*Source: Clever

Do you want to know more?

If you have any further questions about the energy supplement or the new price model, please contact Clever directly on telephone 82 30 30 30 or at energitillaeg@clever.dk.



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